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Hi, and welcome to my blog. My pattern on beanie with a twist has become popular. Since I have received many questions about translating it into English, I’ve given it a try. I hope you will be satisfied with the design! Behind my patterns is a lot of work. I would be honored if you share the final product on Instagram, hashtag #huemedvri

Beanie with a twist

Beanie with a twist

Beanie with a twist

 Sizes: Adult, child

Yarn suggestion:
Drops Lima single thread (65% wool, 35 % alpaca), 50 g=109 yds,
recommended needle size: us 6/4 mm, gauge 4″ x 4″/10×10 cm = 21 sts x 28 rows

Skeins: You will need approx 1-1,5 skeins for both children and adult.

Tension: 14-stitch stretch knitting pattern = 10 cm (4 inch) (the beanie is very elastic)

Cast 76 (68 for a children size) stitches loosely on a circular knitting needle (40 cm/16 inch) no. 4.5 mm (us 7) or 5 mm (us 8). Start directly on the pattern repeat row 1-8 (p = purl and k = knit) and knit as long as you desire. My beanies are about 25 cm (10 inch) long when starting to cast off.

Casting off: knit two and two stitches together in two rounds, cut the yarn, gather it up and tie it off.

* The pattern must be read in the same direction as you are knitting. This means that the diagram must be read from the bottom and up and that you start on the bottom line and read from right to left. After stitching eight rounds with the above pattern, start again on line one.

round 8 p k k p
round 7 p k k p
round 6 p p k k
round 5 p p k k
round 4 k p p k
round 3 k p p k
round 2 k k p p
k k p p round 1


Copyright: litlo & kalen     www.facebook.com/litlokalen

4 responses to “English pattern

  1. Does THIS «Casting off: knit two and two stitches together in two rounds, cut the yarn, gather it up and tie it off» MEAN «two rows of *k k k2tog* repeat til end of row, then thread yarn through remaining stitches and tie off»????

    Thank you!

    • Hello, Nancy! I mean knit 2 together for two rows. Like in this video

      When you have done that you will have 19 stitches to close up if you are knitting the beanie for an adult, Do you understand what I mean?

  2. Hi,

    I’m very confused about your casting off rows. Am I supposed to k2tog for all stitches? So that after row one I have 39 stitches left and after row 2 I have 19 stitches left? It seems quite odd to finish the top of a beanie in only two rows.. If it is different, could you write out the pattern?

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